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Der Elektrorollstuhl von Hoss Mobility verbindet Technik und Funktion in einzigartiger Weise.


What is most fascinating about the hoss and the key to its intuitive handling is its ability to dynamically stabilize itself. A comparison with humans explains it best. If a human leans forward without moving his legs, he would fall on his face. In order to prevent the fall, the brain commands one leg to move forward right at that moment. So when you lean forward, you inevitably move forward, one step at a time.

The hoss does the same thing, just with two wheels instead of legs. Powerful processors and electric motors take over the functions of the brain and muscles.

Der Hoss Elektrorollstuhl verfügt über ein ausgeklügeltes Sicherheitssystem.


The hoss consists of an intelligent network of sensors, drivetrain and mechanical stabilizers. In its resting position, the hoss is mechanically stabilized. The instant in which the hoss goes into balance mode, redundant gyro and acceleration sensors analyze the behavior of the driver and the ground several hundred times per second and balance the driver as if on 2 legs.

The state of the balance system is continuously monitored by our 100% decoupled and patented stabilization system. This not only stabilizes the hoss when parking, but can also extend within a split second in case of an emergency and bring the hoss to a safe standstill. 

Handbuch Bedienungsanleitung hoss R1 Elektrorollstuhl
Beim Hoss Elektrorollstuhl sind wir bemüht die Technik immer wieder zu verbessern.


At 15 km/h, the hoss will get you there fast, which is why you will prefer to take the hoss directly on many journeys rather than using a car or public transport. While on the road you shouldn't have to worry about range.

That's why the hoss is available with a range up to 60 km. Enough for a day, no matter what you're up to.

Mit dem Hoss Elektrorollstuhl, Dank der Reichweite neue Wege beschreiten.
Für den hoss Elektrorollstuhl verwenden wir ausschließlich hochwertige Materialien.


Thanks to our patented safety system, you are safe on the road even in winter conditions.

Der Hoss Elektrorollstuhl ist ein Zuverlässiger Begleiter um draußen zu sein und die Natur zu erkunden.


Only high-quality components are installed in the hoss. The drive motors come from the automotive sector. The specially developed lithium battery  is equipped with cells from Panasonic. The chassis is built like a tank. Thanks to the implemented remote maintance functionality we can quickly help in case you need technical assistance. 

Im Hoss Elektrorollstuhl werden ausschließlich hochwertige Komponenten verbaut, wie die eigens entwickelten Lithium-Akkus von Panasonic.
Wir von hoss Mobility sind immer bemüht, den hoss Elektrorollstuhl und seine Technik stetig zu verbessern.

Made in Austria

The hoss is a completely new type of vehicle.

Developed from the ground up to suit your needs. Produced and engineered in Austria. 

Der Hoss Elektrorollstuhl wird bei uns im Werk in Österreich gebaut - Made in Austria.
Der Hoss Elektrorollstuhl ist Dank des Joysticks einfach zu bedienen.

Technical specifications

Maximum load: 120 kg

Dimensions (stabilizers deployed): 84x67x90 cm (L x W x H)

Loading height: approx. 68 cm (backrest folded down, without armrests)

Ground clearance: 8 cm

Seat width: 40 - 46 cm

Seat height: 54.5 - 57.5 cm (without seat cushion)

Net weight: 115 kg

Speed: max. 15km/h

Uphill/downhill: max. 11%

Range: up to 60 km

Charger: 5A (290W)

Operating temperature: 0 °C - 45 °C (battery temperature)

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Handbuch Bedienungsanleitung hoss R1 Elektrorollstuhl
Das Hoss Mobility Werk in Österreich, Waldhausen im Strudengau, Sattlgai 74
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